Barbed Staple Driver


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This is a very solid constructed barbed staple driver. There are no moving parts, so nothing on the tool is vulnerable to breaking. It's a very simple and effective tool for driving 1.5" or 2" barbed staples into both soft and hard wood posts.

Hardware: 1.5" or 2" Staples

Barbed Staple Driver
Item Description

The staple driver is very simple to use and has no moving parts to damage. Just insert the staple into the slot and hammer on the other flat end. Save your fingers from having to hold each staple. They will thank you.

Prevents staples from mushrooming when driving into hardwoods. Simply insert the staple into the slot and hammer. A few additional strokes may be required to set staple to a proper depth. Remember do not staple coated wire tight onto the line posts. Use this driver with either our 1.5" or 2" fence staples.

*Note: This item does not work with 2" wide double-barbed staples; they won't fit in the driver.

- A must have if you have a lot of stables to drive! Thanks. Michelle N in TN

- Recieved your staple driver and is a great quality product thank you very much

- Very helpful and saved my fingers!!!

- Tool works great for driving the staples in.