Electrobraid™ Accessories

  • Tinned Copper Lead-Out Wire

    SKU: EB200

    Tinned Copper Lead-Out Wire

    Tinned copper lead-out wire produces excellent electrical conductivity by connecting ground rods together, the energizer to the ground rods and fence, and to go under gates.

    Fence Compatibility: Braid

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  • Copper Clad Ground Rod


    Copper Clad Ground Rod

    The copper clad ground rod promotes proper grounding of electric horse fence chargers. If your charger isn’t grounded properly, your fence won’t maintain a secure perimeter for your horses.

    Fence Compatibility: Braid

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  • Copper Split Bolt Connectors with Cable Ties


    Copper Split Bolt Connectors with Cable Ties

    The copper split bolt connects ElectroBraid® to either the end of an insulator at the ends of the rope or one braided rope to another without losing power. Sold in packs of 10.

    Fence Compatibility: Braid

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  • 2.5" ElectroBraid™ Heavy-Duty Insulator Screws

    SKU: EBS25


    These 2.5" ElectroBraid™ heavy-duty insulator screws are used for attaching roller insulators to fence posts. They're constructed of galvanized steel and have a 1/4" hex head.

    Posts Compatibility: Wood
    Insulators Compatibility: Roller Insulators

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  • Neutral Plate Connector


    Neutral Plate Connector

    This neutral plate connector allows you to take power to or from an existing fence wire fence and connect it to ElectroBraid. The neutral plate connector also prevents the wire from shorting due to corrosion.

    Fence Compatibility: Braid

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  • ElectroBraid® 2 J AC Low Impedance Charger

    SKU: EAC50M-EB

    ElectroBraid® 2 J AC Low Impedance Charger

    The ElectroBraid 2 joules AC Low Impedance fence charger is specially designed to be used, in conjunction with ElectroBraid, to contain horses. This charger powers up to 50 miles of standard, steel fence, and 25 miles of ElectroBraid.

    Output: 2.0 joules
    Coverage: 200 acres / 25-50 miles of wire

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  • ElectroBraid Tension Kit


    ElectroBraid Tension Kit

    Add tension to your electric horse fencing with the ElectroBraid tension kit. The ElectroBraid tension kit includes everything you need to quickly and easily add tension to your ElectroBraid horse fencing.

    Fence Compatibility: Braid

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  • ElectroBraid Gate Kit


    ElectroBraid Gate Kit

    The ElectroBraid spring handle gate kit is a complete set of components for a safe 15'-20' electric horse gate. Gate handles gates make the perfect, cost-effective gates; providing instant easy access, in or out of paddocks.

    Fence Compatibility: ElectroBraid

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  • Lightning Arrester


    Lightning Arrester

    Need an effective way to protect your fence charger from lightning surges? Protecting the fence charger from lightning strikes on the fence line. This lightning arrestor creates a path of least resistance, diverting lightning surges to the ground.

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  • Cut-Off Switch


    Cut-Off Switch

    The high quality cut out switch is used to switch off selected electric wires on a fence such as the lowest live wire when the grass is high and would interfere with the electric fence. They are also great for areas with high snow fall.

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  • Digital Volt Meter

    SKU: DVM

    Digital Volt Meter

    For use with ElectroBraid™ electric horse fence, this digital volt meter tests your fence voltage output. The digital read-out allows you to clearly see how strong your voltage is to your fence. This is a simple, one-touch operation.

    Fence Compatibility: Braid

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  • Electric Fence Warning Sign

    SKU: EFS

    Electric Fence Warning Sign

    Highly visible warning signs lets people beware that there is an electric fence present and not to touch. Unique notching system allows the sign to be attached to almost any wire fence rail. Sold in packs of three.

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  • Electric Fence Alert


    Electric Fence Alert

    Want to know if your electric fence is working without having to touch it and get shocked? The electric fence alert will verify that your electric fence is working properly and is energized with a warning light for low voltage.

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ElectroBraid™ accessories are a necessary part of your horse fencing project, to ensure both a safe and effective fencing system. 

Accessories include: tension kit, digital volt meter, copper split bolt and connectors with cable ties, copper lead-out wire, cut-off switch, neutral plate connector, electric fence alert, copper clad ground rods, spring-handle gate kit, and electric fence signs.

Also, don't forget to use an electric fence charger that is capable of electrifying your entire fence properly. The ElectroBraid 2 joules AC Low Impedance Charger and the ElectroBraid 11.0 Joule Charger were designed specifically for ElectroBraid horse fencing.