• Grooming Gloves

    SKU: GG

    Grooming Gloves

    The HandsOn gloves allow you to achieve a professional grooming/bathing experience, while naturally bonding with your animal! The scrubbing nodules provide a non-slip, deep-and-thorough clean and are the best de-shedders on the market.

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  • Kick Away Boot Brush


    Kick Away Boot Brush

    The Kick Away boot scraper removes even the toughest mud and grime with its commercial grade, extra stiff nylon bristles that will provide you with years of service.

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  • EZ Grip Mat Movers

    SKU: MM

    EZ Grip Mat Movers

    Heavy, bulky, and awkward mats are no match! Sold individually, these EZ Grip Mat Movers make it simple to grab and move heavy mats around at will. You just push the EZ Grips onto the mat and then pull to your desired location.


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  • Hand-Etched Horse Wine Bottle Lantern (1 Left!)

    SKU: 12DCWBL

    Hand-Etched Horse Wine Bottle Lantern (1 Left!)

    This hand-etched horse wine bottle lantern's bottom is removed and edges are hand-grounded/polished to a smooth finish. It comes with a stand & candle and unique etchings!

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  • Leather Key Chain

    SKU: 12DCKEY

    Leather Key Chain

    This lucky horseshoe key fob is handmade in saddlery workshop and crafted from English Bridle leather (improves with age). The leather is hand-stitched with a matching color thread and furnished with a raised metal horseshoe concho.

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  • Horse Serving Tray

    SKU: HST

    Horse Serving Tray

    The Horse Serving Tray is an excellent gift for all equestrian and horse lovers! This decoupaged tray has equestrian style to spare. The tri-panel design in dark and medium browns will remind you of the dark leather of your favorite saddle.

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  • Spa Kit

    SKU: 12DCSPA

    Spa Kit

    This is RAMM's first ever spa kit! It includes a Cherry Pit Pak, lip balm, muscle relief balm, a hydrating moisturizing balm, and organic scented soap. This spa kit includes everything you need to maximize the comfort on your next relaxation day!

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  • Custom Mug Kit

    SKU: 12DCHM

    Custom Mug Kit

    Winter is here, and what better way to start than to have your very own custom equine mug? These LIMITED EDITION custom mugs are individually hand-painted and high-fired for durability. These mugs are made to last, but our inventory won't!

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  • Handmade Cowl

    SKU: 12DCC

    Handmade Cowl

    These cowls are SUPER COMFORTABLE! With style and comfort in mind, a cowl is the perfect gift this holiday for your loved ones trying to stay warm and stylish this winter!

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  • Pewter Cuff

    SKU: 12DCPC

    Pewter Cuff

    The beautifully distinct horses' heads in a frieze on this brilliantly shiny pewter cuff bracelet. This cuff fits wrists 5½" to 8" around and is 1½" at its widest tapering to 1" on either side of the cuff. It's hand-made in the USA of solid pewter.

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  • Holiday Ornaments Set

    SKU: 12DCOK

    Holiday Ornaments Set

    Deck the stalls this Christmas! This holiday set includes a horse stall ornament and a halter ornament. It's an awesome gift for an equestrian enthusiast or horse lover! These ornaments are made of lead-free pewter and come boxed ready for gifting.

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  • Custom Brush Set

    SKU: 12DCCBS

    Custom Brush Set

    Hand painted with unique patterns to ensure you always know what brushes are yours! This set includes:

    • Soft Face Brush
    • Standard Stiff Body Brush
    • Standard Medium Soft Body Brush
    • Mane & Tail Brush

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  • Supergirl Saddle Pad & 4 Polo Wraps

    SKU: 12DCPPS

    Supergirl Saddle Pad & 4 Polo Wraps

    Set of 4 all pink polo wraps with Supergirl logo on the front of each wrap and an all-purpose pad color coordinated. Each set that has the logo on both sides!

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  • Equestrian Themed Fire Pit

    SKU: 12DCFP

    Equestrian Themed Fire Pit

    This stand-alone, 11" x 13" equestrian themed fire pit locks together for sturdiness and can be completely disassembled. This fire pit comes with a heavy-duty travel canvas bag so you can bring it along with you for your next adventure!

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  • Gift Certificate

    SKU: GC#

    Gift Certificate

    Gift certificates are available from $25, $50, $100 and $250. Please note that all gift certificates are non-refundable, you may not redeem for cash, and they are only valid for one year from purchase date.

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Welcome to RAMM's Gift Shop! RAMM offers a nice arrangement of equine gifts to fit your lifestyle:

Is it time to treat your horse in style? We now offer a custom brush set that is hand painted with unique patterns to ensure you know what brushes are yours (comes with four separate brushes). In addition to the brush set, maybe it’s time for a classic leather lead. RAMM’s leather lead is made from high quality hand selected English Bridle Leather and a Solid Brass Snap. This lead is expertly stitched with creased hand rubbed edges and has a deep oiled finish.

There’s also indoor gift items for around the house too; from the hand etched horse wine bottle lantern to the decorative horse head hook. The hand etched horse wine bottle lantern is created from upcycled wine bottles and has the bottom of the bottle removed (edges are hand ground and polished to a safe and smooth finish). Each bottle is unique and comes with a stand and candle! As for the decorative horse head hook, it is very elegant and can be your new favorite hook for your clothing or jewelry.

Do you consider yourself the outdoors type? Take along RAMM’s equestrian themed fire pit on your next hiking or camping trip! This fire pit can be dissembled and comes with a heavy-duty canvas bag to make traveling much easier.

All of these great gifts and more could be yours today!