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At RAMM, we love to connect with our customers daily! We can be found and reached out to on social media @rammfence via:

  • Facebook
    Here you can join our Facebook Group to connect with other RAMM customers, stay up-to-date with sales & promotions, write a review ​on your RAMM experience, and more!

  • Instagram
    Similar to Facebook, here you can see all of our latest photos from customers' properties, stay up-to-date with sales & promotions, watch our daily stories, and more!

  • LinkedIn
    We welcome you to follow us on LinkedIn for educational content, an inside look at RAMM as a business, and photos from our customers' projects.

  • Pinterest
    Plan you next project here! We have plenty of pins and boards organized to help.

  • TikTok
    We're all in on TikTok and are dedicating our videos towards educating our customers and youth on how to keep your horses as safe as possible.

  • Twitter
    Status updates on promotional sales, blog posts, podcast episodes, and more!

  • YouTube
    This is an extensive library resource of RAMM videos​ with playlists dedicated to what you're looking for. Whether it's educational how-to and installation videos or customer reviews. We even have full episodes recorded of our Late Night Riders: An Equestrian Lifestyle Podcast. 


The 'big idea' with social media is connections: connecting with your friends and family, colleagues and co-workers, or customers. Those connections form a base for conversations and conversations get things started. 

Suppose you are starting a fence project. In the past, you might have visited your local library for ideas, as well as maybe visiting other farms to see how other people did their project. You might have struck up conversations with other horse people and maybe even made a few phone calls, asking around, how other people's experience was with a company's fencing... that was then.

Today, conversations have remained the same, but the way we communicate has changed dramatically; the tools have changed, timeliness has changed, and in this fast-paced world - people now want answers when they want them, not when a company gives them to them.

​With that in mind, RAMM ​is committed to providing equestrians value through social media. While we embrace these sites, we are also aware things can change at lightning speed, so when we see a new social site emerges that our customers are wild about, we'll be there, too!

We hope you enjoy your experience with RAMM and we hope you'll have a chance to explore with RAMM at all of these social media sites.

Laugh Much, Ride Often... and enjoy this page!