What's the Best Electric Fence Conductor?

Electricity actually travels around the outside of a wire, as opposed to through the wire. When copper wires are out in the elements, they eventually corrode and oxidize. Aesthetically, this is not desirable because the wires and fence can turn green. Moreover, the damage is greater than just aesthetics. Electricity has a harder time traveling over wires that are corroded, rusted, and bumpy. This means fence utilizing copper wires, such as ElectroBraid™, will have less voltage over time, causing your fence ​to be less effective at containing your horses.

Stainless wires will not corrode over time like copper. Therefore, stainless steel electric fenc​ing ​will provide added life to your fence system. Choose from any of RAMM's exclusive Pro-Tek electric fencing options or RAMM's patented Shockline Flex Fence electric coated wire (the strongest and most effective electrical horse containment system available on the market!).