What's the Best Size for a Horse Pasture?

Before you can calculate how much fence you will need, you will need to measure your pasture. To find out how much fence you'll need, you can either walk your property with a measuring wheel, fitness phone apps, or you can determine the distance between your existing posts and add the total footage. If the area is open, you can drive stakes in the ground and string off the entire pasture. 

*Note: A good rule of thumb is to have about 1.5-2 acres of land per horse.

On episode 41 of Late Night Riders, we discuss RAMM's inside tips and tricks for planning ​a fence project:


Planning Your Horse Fence Pasture

Pasture use may range from exercise paddocks (corrals) to grazing or hay production. Paddock layout should allow for ease of management, including the movement of horses, removal of manure, and care of the footing surface. Pasture design should allow field equipment, such as mowers, manure spreaders, and baling equipment to enter and maneuver easily. This will reduce fence damage by machinery and the time needed to work in the field.

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