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Flex Fence® Raceline Coated Wire

Our Flex Fence® series would not be complete without a superior coated wire rail! Use alone or in any combination with your Flex Fence® 5 or 4" rail. Our Flex Fence® Raceline coated wire is made out of coated high tensile wire that is 5/16" thick. Each rail of wire has a minimum break strength of 1,400 lbs. It contains microbial agents and UV inhibitors to protect the rail from the elements. Our double coated high tensile wire is mechanically trapped in our polyolefin plastic which is only offered by RAMM! The Flex Fence® Raceline coated wire comes in either white, black or brown and is backed by a 30-year limited mfg. warranty. Each rail of Flex Fence® Raceline coated wire is made proudly in the USA.