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Designer Tuscany Horse Stalls

Looking for stalls that are elegant yet durable? The European-inspired Tuscany stalls are custom crafted at our Ohio company headquarters. Our craftsmen design and build Euro-inspired stalls giving additional ventilation with unique elegance. Demanding quality and safety for your horses, our design team makes every effort to provide a safer home for your horse. Our standard features, including closer bar spacing, inside invisible welds that are smooth, and a superior powder coat or galvanized finish, make RAMM stalls a superior choice.

Tuscany stalls can be crafted to accommodate free span barns or can be attached to existing posts in your barn. Our customers tell us that they don’t want to leave their barns! By choosing Tuscany Stalls, you receive the benefit of over 50 years of experience in stalling horses coupled with the benefit of detail oriented craftsmen taking pride in the products that they provide for you!