Ship​ping Instructions & Terms

It is *VERY IMPORTANT* that you fully inspect all items at the time they are received for any shortage and/or damage and to note any product shipment shortage or container or item damage on the delivery receipt before signing it and allowing the truck to depart. This means opening the box and/or unwrapping the item(s) if necessary to ensure there is no concealed damage. Signing the delivery receipt without noting any damage makes filing a freight claim extremely difficult and credit or replacement of items cannot be guaranteed without additional cost. 



Shipping Notification
After the product ships, RAMM Horse Fencing & Stalls will send an email to the customer listed on the billing address of each order. This email will contain shipping information including the shipping or trucking company name, phone number and your shipment tracking number.  It will also contain photos of the shipment just prior to it being loaded onto the freight truck departing our facility. The trucking company will call you to schedule a delivery time window. Appointment times are normally a 4-5 hour window.

Delivery Timing
If you require products delivered by a certain date, please call Customer Service to verify your product availability. Some products that can be ordered online may not be in stock. RAMM Horse Fencing & Stalls does not guarantee at any time a certain delivery date or time frame for delivery for any product or order. Any listed time for a shipping method is an estimate only. For orders with deadlines please order well in advance. We are not responsible for lost, misplaced, or delayed shipments or damaged freight by the freight carriers.

Delivery Location and Appointments
All shipments of larger items delivered by a common carrier freight are to commercial shipping docks, residential curbsides, or shipping terminals only. Commercial deliveries are made without a call-ahead during usual weekday business hours. Advise of any delivery times that must be excluded (such as a lunch hour). A re-delivery charge may be assessed for failed delivery attempts during non-excluded weekday business hours. With residential shipments, the freight company will call to arrange a delivery date and a time range to expect for the delivery. To avoid storage fees (which will be charged back to you), the receiver is responsible for scheduling delivery within 24 hours of terminal arrival and must accept the delivery within 72 hours following notice of arrival at the local terminal.  You may make arrangements to pick-up your shipment at the local terminal as well.

Delivery Offloading
Though most delivery drivers are quite accommodating, for both commercial and residential deliveries, the receiver is responsible for removal of the shipment from the bed of the truck and for movement of the shipment beyond curbside delivery. It is important to make arrangements to have any required help for off-loading as needed at the time of order delivery (including a forklift if necessary). Lift gate services may be available upon request for an additional charge, but will not be available for product arriving on a pallet larger than 4’x4’ (or 4’x6’ in the case of stall mats). You will have up to 1 hour to remove your product from the truck, depending on the weight of the shipment. If you exceed one hour there may be additional charges due to the freight company.  For oversize pallets, it is recommended that you have a forklift capable of lifting 5,000# with extended forks to avoid damaging the product.  Any damage which occurs during the process of offloading the delivery cannot be reported as freight damage and will be the sole responsibility of the customer.

Delivery Inspection

  • On arrival, inspect the shipment immediately for obvious signs of damage. Any and all shortages or damages must be written on the Bill Of Lading or Freight Bill. Should you determine that any items are damaged or missing, you MUST note the item, the discrepancy, and the condition before you sign it! Please note: if you have someone receiving the freight for you, such as a neighbor or relative, they are acting as your representative; you should inform them that they should check for missing or damaged items.

  • You should open cartons and containers.
    If there is the slightest doubt that the merchandise is damaged (concealed or not) it must be noted on the Bill Of Lading or Freight Bill, or the liability to prove that the delivering carrier did the damage becomes your responsibility.

  • Do not be intimidated by the driver.
    They cannot leave until the Bill Of Lading or Freight Bill is signed (regardless of how much in a hurry they are or how late they are). The carrier's driver should answer your questions. While your driver is there, compare the pieces of freight you are receiving to your carrier's freight bill and against the photos of the shipment that we have sent to you at the time it departed our facility. When you've determined that the condition and quantity of your freight is acceptable, you can then sign the delivery receipt. The driver will provide you with a copy, taking the signed copy with them (as a delivery receipt). If one is not offered, request one, as is your right. The Bill Of Lading or Freight Bill is the only documentation of the condition of a shipment when it arrives at your location, and without this document, we cannot hold others accountable for items damaged or missing.


*Your signature on the delivering carrier's freight Bill Of Lading (BOL) constitutes acceptance of the merchandise as is and in good order.

Freight Damage
Damage and short shipments are very unusual, but do occur. Again, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you fully inspect all items at the time they are received for any shortage and/or damage and to note any product shipment shortage or container or item damage on the delivery receipt before signing it and allowing the truck to depart. This means opening the box and/or unwrapping the item(s) if necessary to ensure there is no damage. Whenever possible, take pictures of the damaged product both on and off the truck to assist in filing the freight claim.  Damaged product must be held by the customer, as the freight company has the right to inspect any items for which damage is being claimed.

  • If the shipped goods are damaged beyond your wish to accept them, you will need to refuse the pallet of damaged goods and sign the delivery receipt as “DAMAGED/REFUSED”. Please indicate the number of pallets refused and call RAMM back with damage details as soon as possible. The damaged pallet will then be returned to RAMM for inspection. This will expedite the replacement of any damaged product(s) while allowing you to still receive any pallets that did arrive safely.
  • Once reported in this manner, any shortages and/or damaged items are the sole responsibility of the carrier. If concealed damage is discovered following delivery, it should be reported to us immediately. However, without a proper note on the delivery receipt shortages and damaged items become the sole responsibility of the customer; you are accepting the shipment as is. This means RAMM has no recourse with the freight carrier to have any damage repaired or to have any product(s) replaced.
  • In the event of shortage and/or damage, our customer service team will be happy to assist you in filing a claim on your behalf when the shortage and/or damage has been fully and properly noted on the delivery receipt or when concealed damage has been reported within 24 hours of delivery. 
  • Credit for or replacement of correctly reported damaged items will be provided without additional cost and will be processed as quickly as possible. We will also be happy to assist in cases where shortage and/or damage has NOT been noted on the delivery receipt. However, when this occurs, as noted above, shortages and damaged items become the sole responsibility of the customer, and the freight company may offer little to no credit for the claim. In these cases, RAMM Horse Fencing & Stalls cannot guarantee credit or replacement of damaged items without additional cost.


Additional Charges
Any and all additional charges that are not paid for at the time of order, such as change of address, limited access, re-delivery, and storage fees will be the sole responsibility of the customer.  Lift gate service may be requested for shipments arriving on a 4’x4’ pallet or stall mats.  There is an additional charge for this service.  Should you decline this service at the time of placing your order but later utilize it at the time of delivery, the cost for that service will be charged to you.  Please note that pallets larger than 4’x4’ (or 4’x6’ in the case of stall mats) cannot fit on a liftgate and will need to be removed using a forklift (which will need to be provided by you).  By accepting delivery you authorize us to charge any additional fees to your credit card on file.

Limited Access
All freight deliveries will arrive, in most cases, in a full size 48 - 53 ft tractor trailer truck, (such as long-haul trucks you might see on the freeway system). It is the customer's responsibility to notify RAMM Horse Fencing & Stalls at the time of order if your delivery location potentially has limited access issues. Additional delivery charges may apply for addresses which are not accessible by a commercial vehicle (such as a long, winding mountain road or gravel road). Should you live on an inaccessible road, you may have to meet the driver in another location or pick up your shipment at the local terminal. Should you have a limited access situation you will need to inform RAMM Fence at the time of order to avoid re-delivery fees which will be accessed by the freight company should they attempt delivery and not be able to reach your destination.

While we make every effort to ensure that the product you receive is exactly as ordered, there are times in which we make mistakes.  At the time that you receive your product, if anything is not as ordered, please make a note on the Bill of Lading (if it has arrived via LTL) and contact us within 24 hours of receiving your product. We will make arrangements to have the correct product delivered to you (free of charge) and we may also issue a call tag for you to return the incorrect product. DO NOT open the incorrect packaging, install the product or alter it in any way.  If the incorrect product is not returned (at our expense) or it is evident that the incorrect product has been used or altered in any way, you will be charged for the incorrect product.

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