Pro-Tek Braided Electric Horse Fence

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Pro-Tek braided electric fencing is available in 1320' rolls and is constructed of polyester and nine stainless steel conductors, providing superior strength and a psychological deterrent for your horses.

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Pro-Tek Braided Electric Horse Fence
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Pro-Tek Braided electric fencing has become a popular choice for horse owners. RAMM’s Pro-Tek Braided Electric Fencing is economical and visible. Made of polyester and 9 stainless steel conductors, you get both strength and psychological deterrent so horses stay away from the braid. Unlike copper that can corrode and stain the color of your fence, Pro-Tek Braided Electric Fencing will have lasting beauty and conductivity. Ultra Violet inhibitors give longer life to your fencing protecting it from the suns powerful rays. Braid is 1/4” diameter and is white with a black tracer, creating a speckled appearance.

Installation is easier because Pro-Tek Braided Electric Fencing is mechanically or hand-tensioned. Standard bracing at ends and corners, following RAMM’s installation instructions, makes this fence the choice for “weekend warrior” projects. Choose wood, PVC, fiberglass, or t-posts.

- " We love this braid. It went up very easy and looks great." - Maria from NC

- I think this is the best Electric braid on the market today. I put this up years ago and have not had one problem.

- Excellent safe fence!

- This is very comparable to electrobraid but I couldnt use electrobraid on my wood fence. since this is hand tensioned, i was able to use it!