Ground Rod Kit


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The electric fence ground rod kit promotes proper grounding of electric horse fence chargers. If your electric fence charger isn’t grounded properly, your horse containment fence will be compromised and your horses could run free or escape.

Ground Rod Kit
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Length: 6 feet long Includes: (3) Ground rods, (3) clamps, and 50' of galvanized wire. Installation: Ground rods should be placed at least twenty-five (25) feet from your energizer and near the fence line, but at least fifty feet away from any underground piping, cable or other grounding system. A ground rod closer than 50 feet from a waterline (even if the waterline is plastic) may cause signal interference in your home computer, phone, radio or TV. Ground rods closer than 25’ from the energizer may damage the energizer during electrical storms. Shipping: This item ships via UPS. There will be an additional shipping charge, because of their size. Note: We recommend a minimum of three ground rods spaced at least ten (10) feet apart in a triangular configuration and for added effectiveness a fourth ground rod at the furthest point away from the initial three rods.