High-Voltage Burial Wire


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Stainless steel high-voltage burial wire is used for running and connecting electricity to your electric horse fence system. Choose what roll size you'd like from 50', 100', and 200' rolls.

Compatibility: Coated Wire, Tape, Braid, & Rope

High-Voltage Burial Wire
Item Description

Our high-voltage burial wire is used for connecting ground rods, connecting your fence charger to ground rods & fence, for runs under gates, and any other electrical fencing using a stainless steel connection. The UV-protected coating will protect the galvanized steel wire from the outdoor elements and prevent voltage from leaking into the ground (preventing the loss of voltage). Rated up to 10,000 volts, it's available in 50', 100', and 200' roll sizes. *Shipping Note: The 200' roll is more expensive because it has to be packaged on a spool instead of being zip-tied.


Installation: Bury the high-voltage burial wire 12" below ground level in conduit. Connect your electric current to the fence by attaching the burial wire to a connector, which is determined by the fence you have.

*Note: Not compatible with ElectroBraid™ or any other copper-based fencing.