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These ring shank nails have tremendous holding power. They are used to fasten line post brackets, end tighteners and diagonal brace plates to wooden posts. Sold in increments of 1 lb.

Posts Compatibility: Wood

Ring Shank Nails
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Our ring shank nails have ridges along the shank of the nail to promote better holding power than other nails with a smooth shank. The ridges keep the nail firmly in place and won't allow it to pop out of the wood easily.

The design is similar to a screw, but with a flat head for easy when striking with a hammer. Ring shank nails are very useful when working with soft woods like pine. They work well under intense pressure and last 40% longer than smooth shank nails under this type of pressure.

3.5" Nails: 37 nails / lb. 
5" Nails: 20 nails / lb.

- I consider Ramm my one stop shop for my fencing or stall needs. Glad I can get all the pieces and parts that I need like the lag bolts, nails and screws, too!