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This 4 slot design allows the ability to crimp with several different size crimping sleeves. It can be used with both the 12.5 and 16 gauge crimp sleeves. Crimp sleeves are used to splice high tensile wire

Crimp Tool
Item Description

Carefully inspected and guaranteed for five years of proper use. Test pulls of crimp sleeves are done with these tools to be sure our inspections are giving you proper strength. With proper care these tools will last a lifetime. Crimps both 12.5 and 16 gauge crimp sleeves.

Recommended to use when splicing high tensile wire together using crimp sleeves. 4 slot design allows you to crimp several different sizes of crimping sleeves.

1-2 slot for 14 1/2 and 16 gauge wire

2-3 slot for 12 1/2 gauge wire

3-4 slot for 10 and 11 gauge wire and 14 and 15 barbed wire

Available to rent with deposit.

Shipping: This item ships via UPS.

- Has different options for different gauges of crimp sleeves.