Shockline Flex Fence® Electric Coated Wire

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The Shockline Flex Fence® electric coated wire is a versatile horse fencing solution for high-traffic areas with a polymer coating that protects your horse(s) against injuries. Shockline is sold in 1320' rolls.

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Shockline Flex Fence® Electric Coated Wire
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The Shockline Flex Fence® electric coated wire horse fencing system was designed with horses in mind and is a class-3 12.5-gauge steel wire covered in a polyethylene coating, with 3 conductive carbon strips. The coating around the wire makes it easier for horses to see this fence and avoid contact with it. The coating also helps protect horses from injury if they do contact the horse fence. Shockline is a much safer alternative, with a protective thick polymer coating allowing the rail to ‘roll’ on impact.

This electric fence has 1,400 pounds of break strength per rail and is the strongest electric fence RAMM carries. It is available in white, black and brown and comes with a 20-year Limited Warranty. In addition to offering the added protection of a polymer coating combined with electric, Shockline Flex Fence® electric coated wire also has a very clean, neat look to beautify your farm.

This fence system can be used alone in several rails, or in combination with other systems. Multiple rails provide a strong, attractive barrier. Many customers choose 4 or more rails for their fencing system. Those who don’t need to electrify all of the rails can combine ShockLine with Flex Fence® to achieve a consistent look.

A top rail of this coated electric horse fencing system can help if you have trouble with horses playing or leaning over shared or common fence lines. Your horses will respect their fence lines as well as reduce maintenance on your current fencing system. Additionally, a rail of the coated electric can be added between rails to help stop horses from reaching through, or at the bottom of your horse fence to help keep horses from reaching under.


Shipping: When ordering more than a couple rolls, this item ships on a semi-truck via an LTL freight carrier. Please contact one of our expert account managers at 800-434-6296 for a shipping quote or a free custom fencing layout! For more information on how this type of delivery works and what we need you to do upon arrival, please read through these two links:

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- "I've already put up some of the Shockline. Seems to be a wonderful product! So happy with the results and it looks so professional." - Ellen

- "I absolutely Love the Shockline Flex Fence! I was so amazed at how easy this fence was to install for the DIY Woman. Everything about this fence was so easy! The end loops are a brilliant design! I installed 5 lines, almost 30 feet per line in just an afternoon. I am so impressed and will definitely be buying more. Highly recommend all Ramm products to the prospective buyer!"

- "Although this fence is an investment, it is WORTH EVERY SINGLE PENNY for the emotional peace of mind that comes from quality fencing. Durability is not a questions with RAMM Fence!" - The Charming Farmer

- "I purchased the coated wire and did 4 rails. Just a few days of having the fence up, my horse got spooked by a guy and some dogs coming out of the woods. He ran from 0-60 right into the fence and just bounced off. I love the fence." Kim M.- TN

- "Just finished installing the ShockLine and am very impressed! Using the new end loops are great and so simple, I wish I would have had them available when I installed the first batch of fence!" DP