Flexible Stall Waterer, Green


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Are you still hauling water buckets and heavy hoses around? This flexible horse stall waterer is foal-y automatic and designed with smooth, round edges with your horses' safety in mind.

Flexible Stall Waterer, Green
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Will not stick open due to its innovative brass valve design. This stall waterer is designed with smooth, round edges for safe drinking. It's circular, smooth surface makes it a breeze to clean. No more hauling water buckets or heavy hoses. They are great for horses, foals, calves, large dogs and any other livestock. It can be installed by one person and on any flat surface with any height desired. This is not a heated waterer and will not work in the cold; water freezes when it's below 32°F.

Warranty: 1-Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty

- "I purchased one of these waterers about a month ago. It is a little different that ones I have used in the past but I LOVE IT!" - Catherine, CA

- "I purchased 3 of these after researching automatic waterers for HOURS. These had several features that I liked about them; they weren't made of galvanized steel or stainless steel, they appeared easy for a horse to use & were easy to clean. I didn't want any type of metal since I'd had a bad experience with a dog waterer rusting & constantly needing to be cleaned from algae. The location of my waterers is also partially in the sun. Metal=hot water. My horses had never drunk from a small waterer before & 1 horse is 18. These appeared easy to train a horse on. Well, my research paid off. Ramm's customer service was awesome & the waterers are great. Since horses have to push their nose against the black rod, water doesn't sit in these waterers. I trained my horses on them by putting a few pellets of a stable mix in them to get them used to pressing the bar. They soon figured out the bar released water. They fill very quietly so the noise issue wasn't a factor. They are very easy to clean & the water stays surprisingly cool even when directly in the sun. Could not be happier with my purchase & no more filling water buckets."

- "Works great for my for my mare who likes to test everything in her stall."