Sticky Roll™ Mini-Kit – Fly Tape System (OBSOLETE)

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The Sticky Roll™ Mini-Kit – Fly Tape System comes complete with 81' Sticky Tape roll, take-up reel, mounting hardware & screws. Everything included comes in a small, handy blister pack.

Sticky Roll™ Mini-Kit – Fly Tape System (OBSOLETE)
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Non-Polluting, non-toxic Sticky Roll is a reel-to-reel system of sticky tape that really catches flies!

When flies first hatch, after feeding, or when the weather cools, they tend to congregate overhead, where they are caught on the roll. Once entrapped, they produce stress chemicals, which are irresistible attractants to other flies. Eventually the tape is completely black with trapped flies. The Sticky Roll™ Mini-Kit – Fly Tape System is great for placement in smaller areas in the barn, stable, or tack room.

USDA testing shows that Sticky Roll fly tape captures 92% of available flies and is completely non-toxic and non-polluting. It is environmentally friendly, non-allergenic, won’t irritate if touched, and is easily removed with vegetable oil. Used reel is thrown away, flies and all.


Made in the USA.



- Works great and easy to use!

- I wish I could afford your fly spray system but this tape works out for me still! You have something for everyone. Thank you.