Pro-Tek Electric Tape

Pro-Tek electric horse fence tape contains 15 stainless steel wires instead of copper. Stainless steel wires won’t oxidize, corrode or turn green over time like copper. Conductivity is also stronger with stainless steel, so this horse fence won’t lose its initial strength over time. Stainless steel also gives Pro-Tek Electric Fence Tape a long life expectancy and comes with a 20-year Manufacturer’s Warranty on 1.5” width tape.

The 1.5” Pro-Tek electric fence tape has Ultra-Violet (UV) protection against damaging rays. It is highly visible and can be used alone or with existing fence systems. This affordable electric horse fencing solution has the right price and exceptional quality. It can be used with wood or T-posts. The tape is easily tensioned by hand, allowing for a faster and easier install. As always, follow manufacturer’s instructions for installation. Pro-Tek can be used as a permanent or temporary horse fence by simply unrolling and then re-rolling it off or onto a plastic spool. With its low cost, rolls of tape can be kept on hand and used when needed.

The 1.5” Pro-Tek electric electric horse fence tape carries a 20-year Manufacturer’s Warranty and is available in white, black and brown. Stronger than your farm store brand – with 750 lbs. of break strength per rail – these electric horse fences comes in three different roll lengths (330’, 660’, and 1,320’ rolls). It is a popular choice with horse owners.