ElectroBraid 11.0 Joule Charger (OBSOLETE)


This is a powerful ElectroBraid™ electric fence charger that can be be used for fence lines up to 8 miles. The ElectroBraid charger is an AC low impedance fence charger with a pulsed output.

Output: 11.0 joules
Coverage: 8 miles of wire

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ElectroBraid 11.0 Joule Charger (OBSOLETE)
Item Description


Q: What is ElectroBraid™?
ElectroBraid™ is a permanent electric fence designed especially for horses. It is both a physical barrier and a psychological deterrent. It is highly visible to horses, strong, durable and resilient.

Q: How does it work
Once a horse receives a painful shock the horse will not go near the fence again. It won't rub against the fence. It won't crib on it. And it won't try to jump over it, or go through it, or go under. It doesn't want to get shocked again.

Q: How durable is ElectroBraid™ Fence?
The high-grade polyester fiber is the same fiber used in automotive seat belts and parachute harnesses. Polyester resists attack by ultraviolet light, salt, manure, and most farm chemicals. The copper develops an oxidized outer layer or 'patina' that protects the copper wire from corrosion. The ElectroBraid™ carries a 25-year warranty.

Q: What makes ElectroBraid™ a safe horse fence?
There are no impact injuries. There are no sharp points or hard edges. There are no boards to break or splinter. There are no wires to cut or puncture. Horses crib on board fences and rub against it. Even minor cuts can become seriously infected. The worst potential injury with ElectroBraid™ is if a horse is able to wrap a strand of Braid™ completely around a rear leg and struggles. The prospect of such an accident can be virtually eliminated by wiring, and grounding, the fence correctly, by keeping the Braid™ taut.

Q: Why is maintenance cost low?
If you properly install your corner and end posts, they won't move. Brass and copper components won't corrode. Occasionally, an insulator might break and need replacement. Little else will need repair. For some reason, lightning rarely touches ElectroBraid™ - if it does, a few hundred feet of ElectroBraid™ may need replacement, and perhaps an energizer. If a tree falls on the fence, cut it off and the Braid™ will spring right back. The fence is seldom, if ever, damaged by storms, including ice storms and tornadoes. Repairs are quick and easily done by hand.

Q: What maintenance is required?
Walk the fence line to confirm your fence has not been damages. Check the voltage regularly. Once or twice a year, mow weeds from under your fence. In the spring, make sure no fence posts have been heaved by frost.

- This is a good charger, worked well with my miles of braid. D.Ellis.