Herd Boss Charger (OBSOLETE)

SKU: HP300

The Herd Boss is perfect for ranchettes, boarding facilites, feed lots and small cattle operations. Low impedance fence charger with reliable power for polytape, high tensile and wire. This fence charger powers 25 acres of polytape or 60 miles of wire.

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Herd Boss Charger (OBSOLETE)
Item Description

Low Impedance Fence Charger

Powers 25 acres of 4 Strand Polytape or 60 Miles of Wire Fencing

Coated Wire, it can cover 50-70 miles

Underwriters Laboratory (UL) approved

2 Year "Exchange For New" warranty with return freight paid

2 Surge protection devices 1) a simple fuse and 2) a metal oxide varistor or MOV that clamps voltage surges from entering the unit

Input 110 V 60 Hz

3.64 Stored Joules

8,300 Volts open line, 5,000 Volts @ 500 ohms

Features: Flashing output indicators, modular constructions, high impact polycarbonate case, input surge suppression, radio interference suppression and replaceable circuit boards

Includes: Fence charger

Installation: Basic electric tools

Shipping: This item ships via UPS.

Note: To determine what charger to use for 4 strands of electric fence take the length x width = square footage. The square footage divided by 43, 560 = the # of acres you have. Acre listing is given for each charger. Just pick the correct charger for your number of acres.