CCA Pressure-Treated Pine Posts


RAMM's CCA pressure-treated pine posts have a .40 retention level and a 25-year life expectancy underground! These wood fence posts are either 8’ or 9’ long and available in 4”, 5”, and 6” diameters.

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CCA Pressure-Treated Pine Posts
Item Description


RAMM offers CCA pressure-treated pine posts as an added benefit to our customers. Fence posts are the backbone of every fencing system. By installing quality long-lasting posts, you are providing safer containment for your horses. Additionally, you will be getting posts that will last as long as your fence does, saving on your investment in the future.

These CCA (Copper Chromium Arsenic) pressure-treated pine posts have a .40 retention level, meaning they have about a 25-year life expectancy underground. However, wetlands and other areas with high moisture content will impact the life of your posts. For added longevity, cutting the tops of the posts at a slight angle allows for rain runoff.

These posts are either 8’ or 9’ long and can be found in 4”, 5” (brace and line posts), and 6” diameters (corners, ends, and gates). If you're fencing a smaller area, bigger posts are recommended; there's a greater chance for your horses to contact them.

Pressure-treated posts are not required to be painted but should be completely dry prior to painting if you choose to do so. If your posts are not dry, adhesion can be corrupted, thus allowing the paint to peel or even turn yellowish if using white paint. Any posts used for corners, ends, and gates or posts that aren't in a straight line need to be concreted into the ground.


  • Post Lengths:  8' or 9'
  • Post Diameters:  4", 5", or 6" 
  • Retention Level:  .40
  • Life Expectancy:  25 years



  • Checking – It's natural for fence posts to have cracks, which is referred to as "checking".
  • Heart – The heart is the middle of the post and if treated properly, it should be insect-resistant and can last for many years.
  • Retention Level – The underground life expectancy of the post, based on the CCA treatment.


What to Look for When Shopping for Posts:

  • Choose ‘turned’ over tapered posts
  • Look for .40 retention-rated levels
  • Cracks are called checking; if posts are properly pressure treated, checking should not affect performance
  • Check the Mfg. Installation Instructions manual for proper size posts for Northern and Southern states
  • Know the frost depths in your area for proper installation



These posts are available for pickup or delivered to your farm in half or full truckloads. Please ask your RAMM representative for a shipping quote when you call for pricing at 1-800-434-6296. FOB Swanton, OH. *Truckload pricing is available.*

- "Used these posts on whole farm 10 years ago and still looks great!!!" - Pat M.

- "Good quality and CCA treated!"