RAMM 2x4 Non-Climb Wire Mesh Horse Fence + FREE 4 lbs of 1" Barbed Staples

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RAMM's Class-3 galvanized mesh fencing is made of 12.5-gauge high-tensile wires. These 200' rolls are designed so horses legs aren't able to go through the fencing. It's also a great barrier; hindering predators from getting inside.

RAMM 2x4 Non-Climb Wire Mesh Horse Fence + FREE 4 lbs of 1
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RAMM's Mesh fencing is made of 12.5-gauge high tensile wire. The fencing is designed so that horses can not get their legs through the fence and also hinder predators from getting in. Features class 3 galvanization. Mesh fence helps to keep predators out while keeping your horses and livestock contained. This mesh fence is much more effective than traditional high tensile wire and board fencing systems.

The closely spaced woven design helps prevent horses from “stepping through” or “walking down” the fence. The special knot design of RAMM's Mesh helps prevent damage to your horse’s skin while making these horse fences more rigid to withstand most animal impact while protecting against abrasions.Class-3 galvanization, which has 2.5 times the zinc coating of traditional mesh fencing gives you a lifespan of 15 to 20 years!


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