Adjustable Stay Roller, Zinc-Plated


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The adjustable stay roller is made from galvanized steel and comes with a 2" non-marking plastic guide wheel. The guide wheel will keep your door from swinging outward, keeping it in line.

Door Compatibility: Accommodates doors 1" to 3¾" thick.

Adjustable Stay Roller, Zinc-Plated
Item Description

The adjustable stay roller is used to guide horse stall and/or barn doors (1" to 3¾" thick) smoothly along the track. Designed to be used with large, heavy doors, this adjustable stay roller prevents possible injuries from occurring, by stopping the sliding door from kicking out. Adjustable stay rollers are used with Derby horse stall systems and sliding barn doors. 

RAMM's adjustable stay roller is fabricated from 3/16" zinc-plated steel and a 2" heavy-duty plastic guide wheel (mounted on a sturdy ½" bolt). The black, non-marking guide wheel rolls on the face of the door and will not chip, rust, or mark your stall door.

Installation: Each adjustable stay roller requires four (4) stall screws for installation, but they are sold separately.

- "This is really a first-class piece of hardware!"

- "I was really happy when these showed up after ordering them. We have odd sized doors throughout our barn and needed something to work with every one of them. Like all the products I have purchased through Ramm, these are much heavier and of higher quality than I can find elsewhere. I like that these can be used in almost any setup and do just as they should."