Square Track Hardware Kit (OBSOLETE)


Our square track kit can either be face-mounted or top-mounted with ease. It's suitable for many different types of sliding doors and is constructed from galvanized steel for excellent protection against rust.

Not Included: 8' Square Track & Lifting Rod

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Square Track Hardware Kit (OBSOLETE)
Item Description

Square tracks are the most economical and versatile designed tracks for commercial and agricultural applications. It is suitable for many different types of sliding doors. Our square track can either be face mounted or top mounted with ease. It is designed to be used with many different types of brackets and in double run applications. We do offer sliding door tracks in lengths of 10' and 12' for different applications. Please talk to one of our solution experts for more details.


Which lifting rod fits your needs?

Long Lifting Rod (47-1/8") CompatibilityGrilltop and V-Doors

Short Lifting Rod (43-1/4") Compatibility: Full Grill, Full Grill V-Door, Grilltop/Mesh Bottom, V-Door/ Mesh Bottom, and Full Mesh Doors



- I purchased 7 of the square track hardware kits for the barn I am retrofitting. They work great. I have 3 installed and have not had any issues so far. Very easy installation and a great product!

- Just purchased a new kit for my stalls and I love everything that comes with it, especially the latch system. very nice.