ThuroBed Mattress System: The Ultimate in Stall Flooring

ThuroBed Mattress System: The Ultimate in Stall Flooring


Telling myself my horses needed me; I rose before the sun and drove to the barn. I don't know what I expected to find when I opened the door, but what I did see, I could not believe.

There was Khan, my extremely stressed and nervous horse, sleeping in his stall.

The mere fact that he was sleeping amazed me, but he was actually lying down in his stall to get some much-needed rest! I have never seen Khan lie down to rest. In fact, I have never even seen him roll. But, there he was, contently sleeping in midst of his new and unfamiliar surroundings. After my disbelief diminished, like any horseperson, I began to search for the answer to this strange sighting.

Khan has lived in a stall the entire time I've owned him. Before the move, both Khan and A.J. lived at a wonderful therapeutic riding center for disabled children. Their stalls in Pennsylvania had stall mats that covered the bare ground. Khan and A.J.'s new stalls utilize the ThuroBed Mattress System from RAMM. The system has mattresses that cover the ground and one continuous top cover that is placed over the mattresses and bolted to the wall.

When I walk into the new stalls, I can feel the ground give and spring back as I cover the distance.

The ThuroBed Mattress System is designed to do just that, give horses ultimate comfort when living in the stall. To me, Khan is proof that the design of this product works. Instead of lying on the cold, ungiving floor, Khan now rests peacefully on his new ThuroBed Mattress System. There are even greater benefits that this mattress system provides to the horse and owner.

Although Khan is still a spring chicken, I worry about him staying in a stall all night during the unpredictable winter months. I find myself fitting our exercise into whatever time possible, and many times I ride in the mornings before he's ''stretched his legs'' in turnout. This means that I must ride him after he has been stalled for approximately 10 hours. With the ThuroBed Mattress System, Khan is ready to go right out of the stall. I still give him the required ''warm up'' before we start the challenge of the day, but it's great to know that Khan is no longer demonstrating any signs of discomfort or stiffness that I observed in the past.

I have seen the ThuroBed Mattress System aid an older horse that has some problems with arthritis and stiffness.

He is Khan's turnout buddy and tries so hard to keep up with his younger ''pal''. After being kept in a stall with this system, you can see a bounce in his stride as he proudly keeps up with Khan on the way out for some playtime.

In addition to the benefits my horses receive, I've found that the ThuroBed Mattress System has aided me when I clean the stalls. The stalls are much easier to muck out, and I save money because I don't have to use as much bedding; only enough to absorb the wet spots and manure! Clean up is quicker, and I throw out less bedding, thus, saving money. Well, in my case, it means more toys for my horses. Some may say that I am very particular and protective of my horses, and I am. I think the move was more stressful for me than them! It's refreshing to see that Khan and A.J. have been much happier and more content in their new stalls.

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