Welded Horse Stalls - The Perfect Choice for a Durable and Quality Stall

Welded Horse Stalls - The Perfect Choice for a Durable and Quality Stall

Since being in the horse fencing and stall business for over 24 years, I have been able to see hundreds of barns and stalls! From the most regal to the temporary battered show barns with stalls, the features that were strong and long lasting were what stood out the most to me!

When our family decided to add stalls into our line of products, (about 18 years ago), it made perfect sense to carry several types of stalls, We realized, from being horse owners too, you need your barn to fit your horses needs and your budget. One of our most valued and most popular stall systems, according to our customers, are our welded stalls. I thought you might like to understand what sets them apart and keeps them in demand.

  • Our Ramm Welded Stalls are constructed at our Ramm facility right in Ohio. The people that actually craft and weld these stalls truly care about each stall that goes out to each farm, because we all interact together when orders are placed! We start with 14-gauge steel u-channels for extraordinary strength and add 7/8 inch bars spaced 3.25 inches on center for closer bar spacing making the stalls safer for your horses. One-piece grill sections are easier and faster to install as compared to individual parts that need to be assembled.
  • "Hidden Welds" are under the U-channel, rather than on top near your horses. That means you don't have any weld burs that can injure your horse. It also gives the stall a polished and finished look as well as functionality.
  • Top latch door systems are self-latching, and there are no protruding parts to catch your clothing or horse as you go in and out of your stall.
  • Out of the 3 finishes available to build our stalls from, (hot rolled steel with no finish, electro-galvalum), we choose to use galvalum. It offers the best adhesion properties for powder coating paint, as well as the best corrosion resistance, making your finish longer lasting.
  • All hardware is included for each front including post bumpers (to keep your door on its track), stay rollers (that keep your door from pushing out), track brackets (that hold your track and trolleys), and top latching system. Ramm's standard hardware that is included with each welded stall is additional elsewhere.
  • The welded stall is able to accommodate countless personal options from V-Door openings, to choices of solid or mesh door or partition sections.


Many barns that I have visited like to show their barn colors. We have several customers that request their stalls in their colors. Not only can you have stronger and longer lasting stalls, but personalize your barn too!

Take some time and look through all of our stall styles and options. Our family strives to make quality products for your horses that will be longer lasting and beautify your barn! The features and details can be clearly seen the longer your horses are in a Ramm Stall! I invite you to ask any questions or call for more information!

Why let injury and pressing vet bills wear you down when a Welded Stall will give your horses safer containment and comfort! Have a great October, we will see you again in November! Laugh long and ride hard!

debbie.pngDebbie has over 45 years experience with horses and equine-related businesses. She has owned, trained, boarded horses and run stables at various times in her career. She is a certified fence installer, has given balanced riding lessons, and has shown horses in Western, Western Pleasure, Trail, English, Hunter/Jumper, Fox Hunting, Hunter Trials, Dressage and driving classes. Debbie has been involved in foaling, and just about every aspect of horse ownership possible, and she welcomes your questions and comments.  If you are interested in using any articles by Debbie, please send her an email.

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