How Do You Brace Fence Posts?

Bracing your fence posts is a step many people skip and is a reason why so many people have collapsing ​or failing containment systems. There are many things you'll need to consider, such as frost depth, soil type, bracing technique, etc. We do not recommend twitch wire or H-bracing techniques. Here are some rules of thumb for post depth:

  • Line Post Holes - should be approximately 24-36” deep.
  • End/Corner Posts Holes - should be 36-48” deep depending on frost line. Fill hole with concrete to approximately 4” below ground level. Make sure that the bottom of holes is at least 6” wider than top of hole.
  • Diagonal Brace Post Holes - should be at a minimum of 18” deep with an 18” squared face. Hole must extend below your frost line and be 70” from the end/corner post hole (center to center). Connect your brace post and end/corner post together with a diagonal brace plate.

When filling your fence post holes with concrete, please keep the following in mind so you aren’t replacing posts or fencing down the road:

• Fill to within 4” of ground level so you can put dirt back in around your posts and grass will grow. 

• Lean upright fence posts back approximately 1” away from the fence’s tension. 

• Make sure your diagonal braces are in the footer no more than 3-4 inches or they could push through the concrete when tension is applied. 

• Make sure all concreted holes are below front line for your area.

• Make sure your upright fence posts are correct with your string line. All of the string line should be on the outside of your corners; remember, your string line represents your fence.

*Note: ​The most efficient way to dig holes for your fence posts are with a 12" diameter, 48" long auger. Before you drill, call local utilities (dial 811) to mark your utility lines.


You can read more about how to properly brace your Flex Fence® in this article or the Flex Fence® installation instructions. If you have any unanswered questions, please contact a RAMM expert so your horse fencing will last for years!