Coated Wire Fence Accessories

  • End Loop

    SKU: ELA

    End Loop

    Using this insulated end loop assembly for your Raceline and Shockline fencing allows you to connect power from your electric fence charger to the fence. You can purchase the RTI to eliminate the need for time-consuming crimp sleeves.

    Fence Compatibility: Raceline & Shockline
    Posts Compatibility: Wood

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  • In-Line Fence Tensioner

    SKU: RTI

    In-Line Fence Tensioner

    The in-line fence tensioner has a 12.5-gauge wire vise on one of the ends for quick and easy installation and is great when having to splice together 12.5-gauge coated wire. No wire connectors are needed.

    Fence Compatibility: Wire
    Tool Required: Tensioner Handle

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  • End Post Fence Tensioner

    SKU: RTE

    End Post Fence Tensioner

    End and tension your coated wire all at once, with our end post fence tensioner. The end post fence tensioner installs in seconds, using only one, 3.5" ring shank nail (sold separately).

    Fence Compatibility: Wire
    Tool Required: Tensioner Handle

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  • Spinning Jenny

    SKU: SJ

    Spinning Jenny

    The spinning jenny allows your fence roll to unwind without twisting and/or bending the high-tensile wire. It pivots on a ground pin that's staked into the ground and has four adjustable arms to accommodate for all fence coil sizes.

    Fence Compatibility: Raceline & Shockline

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  • Tensioner Handle

    SKU: RTN

    Tensioner Handle

    The new rail fence tensioner is used with our new tensioner systems to tension Flex Fence®, coated wire and high tensile wire. They are one piece construction with no moving parts, for ease of use.

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  • High-Tensile Wire Cutters

    SKU: WC

    High-Tensile Wire Cutters

    Our heavy-duty, spring-loaded wire cutters are a vital tool to have when installing high-tensile coated wire fencing systems. They are also great for making repairs to your pre-standing fencing.

    Fence Compatibility: Raceline, Shockline, & Flex Fence®

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  • Wire Link

    SKU: WL*

    Wire Link

    These wire links are used to join or splice together two ends of high-tensile wire. You will just simply strip back about 1" of the polymer coating on the fence rail and insert each end into the wire link.

    Fence Compatibility: Wire

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  • Coated Wire Tightener

    SKU: CWT

    Coated Wire Tightener

    Our coated wire fence tensioner splices two rails of coated wire together and also tensions the fence all at the same time. This tensioner is very easy to use and installs quickly. It is also equine safe with all round, smooth edges.

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  • Coated Wire Joining Buckle


    Coated Wire Joining Buckle

    A quick, secure method to join two coated wires together without the need to strip, crimp or tie a knot.

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  • Diagonal Brace Plate


    Diagonal Brace Plate

    These diagonal brace plates are the backbone of every great Flex Fence® fencing system; they're used to attach brace posts to your corner and end posts. They provide a secure, solid, long-lasting hold to both posts without notching.

    Fence Compatibility: Flex
    Posts Compatibility: Wood

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  • 2" Extra Wide Barbed Staples

    SKU: BS2W


    Our 2" extra wide, galvanized double-barbed staples accommodate for our Shockline Flex Fence® electric coated wire insulator tubing – used for corner posts. Sold in increments of 1 lb.

    Tool Required: Wide Barbed Staple Driver

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  • Wide Barbed Staple Driver


    Wide Barbed Staple Driver

    The wide barbed staple driver is very simple to use and has no moving parts to damage. Just insert the staple into the slot and hammer on the flat end. Save your fingers from having to hold each sharp staple!

    Hardware: 2" Extra Wide Staples

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  • Fence Pliers

    SKU: 10FP

    Fence Pliers

    These multidimensional fence pliers are built with a heavy-duty lock-joint and oval-faced jaws for cutting soft wire and hammering & pulling staples. It's a very versatile tool to have in your tool bag when installing or repairing horse fencing!

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  • 45° Coated Wire Attaching Buckle

    SKU: CWAB45

    45° Coated Wire Attaching Buckle

    The pre-bent 45° coated wire attaching buckle assists in alignment with line posts and reduces possible post rotation. It's good for use on all end and gate posts. The 45º provides the correct mounting position.

    Fence Compatibility: Raceline

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  • Coated Wire Straight Attaching Buckle


    Coated Wire Straight Attaching Buckle

    The coated wire straight attaching buckles are used to attach coated wire to end posts. They are used for straight-pulls or on square posts or buildings. Works great with Raceline on square posts!

    Fence Compatibility: Raceline

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These coated wire fence accessories will allow for easier installation of your horse fencing project. Each item is sold separately, and everything from tensioner's to wire links have a unique function for your farm and paddock projects.