Electric Fence Accessories

  • Ground Rod Kit

    SKU: GR3

    Ground Rod Kit

    The electric fence ground rod kit promotes proper grounding of electric horse fence chargers. If your electric fence charger isn’t grounded properly, your horse containment fence will be compromised and your horses could run free or escape.

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  • Ground Rod & Clamp

    SKU: GR1

    Ground Rod & Clamp

    Ground rods are used to ground electric fence systems. They also protect the investment you have in your fencing system(s) and fence charger(s). If you have a lot of lightning, think about adding an additional ground rod and lightning arrestor!

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  • Ground Rod Clamp

    SKU: GRC

    Ground Rod Clamp

    Ground rod clamps are used with your ground rods to ground your electric fencing system, and protects your investment. If you have a lot of lightning, think about adding an additional ground rod and lightning arrestor!

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  • High-Voltage Burial Wire

    SKU: R*

    High-Voltage Burial Wire

    Our high-voltage burial wire is used for connecting ground rods, connecting your fence charger to ground rods & fence, for runs under gates, and any other electrical fencing connections. Available in 50', 100', and 200' rolls.

    Compatibility: Stainless Steel

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  • Tinned Copper Lead Out Wire

    SKU: EB2

    Tinned Copper Lead Out Wire

    Tinned copper lead out wire produces an electrical conductivity for your ElectroBraid™ fencing. It's used to run electric from your ground rods to you charger & fencing, and for runs under gates.

    Compatibility: ElectroBraid™

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  • Copper Clad Ground Rod


    Copper Clad Ground Rod

    The copper clad ground rod promotes proper grounding of electric horse fence chargers. If your charger isn’t grounded properly, your fence won’t maintain a secure perimeter for your horses.

    Compatibility: ElectroBraid™

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  • Fence Alarm

    SKU: RPFA5005

    Fence Alarm

    You are only a text message away from knowing your horse fencing system's condition and voltage readings. Fence Alarm will notify you within seconds of any fence related issue. With Fence Alarm, peace of mind is only seconds away!

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  • Cut-Out Switch


    Cut-Out Switch

    This cut-out switch is used to either open or cut-out the electrical current to your fencing rail. Rails that can touch tall grass, snow build-ups, or anything else that can disrupt your electric current should have a cut-out switch.

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  • Lightning Arrester


    Lightning Arrester

    Need an effective way to protect your fence charger from lightning surges? Protecting the fence charger from lightning strikes on the fence line. This lightning arrester creates a path of least resistance, diverting lightning surges to the ground.

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  • Fault Finder Plus Remote


    Fault Finder Plus Remote

    The Power Wizard fault finder plus remote is a combined voltmeter and current meter. It rapidly locates electric fence faults and has remote control technology with 9 channels for pairing. *Battery is sold separately.

    Compatibility: FP7500XR and FP24000XR Fence Chargers

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  • Fault Finder


    Fault Finder

    The Power Wizard Fault Finder is a combined voltmeter and current meter that rapidly locates electric fence faults. This fault finder has a large LCD display that reads the electric fence's voltage and/or current. *Battery is sold separately.

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  • Digital Volt Meter

    SKU: DVM

    Digital Volt Meter

    For use with all types of different electric horse fences, this digital volt meter tests your voltage output. The digital readout allows you to see how strong your voltage is to your fence. This is an easy, one-touch operation.

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  • LED Electric Fence Tester

    SKU: R27

    LED Electric Fence Tester

    Test your electric fence with this LED electric fence tester, where there are five indicator lights that show you the amount of voltage currently running on your fence line. This is our most economical fence tester available!

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  • Electric Fence Alert


    Electric Fence Alert

    Want to know if your electric horse fencing system is working without having to touch it and get shocked? The electric fence alert will verify that your electric fence is working properly and is energized with a warning light for low voltage.

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  • Electric Fence Warning Sign

    SKU: EFS

    Electric Fence Warning Sign

    Highly-visible electric fence warning signs make people aware there's an electric fence present and it's not safe to touch. The unique notching allows the sign to be attached to almost any fence rail! Sold in packs of 3.

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  • Black Webbing (50' Roll)


    Black Webbing (50' Roll)

    This 50' roll of black webbing allows you to install roller insulators at trees, corner posts, and end posts. It works well with non-flat surfaces when you're mounting the roller insulator. Secure your insulators so there's no slipping!

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Its so important to have the right components so that your electric fence is installed properly. Accessories include: Step in plastic posts with insulators, fiber glass rods, 2”x 2” x 5’ post sleeves, 4”x 4”x 5’ end corner post sleeves, and T-post caps. Fencing components : insulator screws, electric gate handles, Fence tester, underground high voltage burial wire, cut off switches, fence alerts, ground rod kits, lightning diverters and arrestors, digital fence compass, rewind reel and electric fence signs.

Ramm Tip: Always be sure your electric fence is turned on.