6" Extended Angle Ring Insulators


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This angled ring insulator extends electric fence rail 6" from wooden posts. Firmly fastening electrified wire to wood posts without losing energy through the post. Sold in packs of 10.

Fence Compatibility: Braid, Rope, Twine & Wire
Posts Compatibility: Wood

Item Description

Great for a top electric fence, this extended angle ring insulator holds the electric wire 6" away from the wooden posts. It is made of a continuous steel reinforced ring with a heavy screw at the end. Electric wire is very easy to install through the angled slot, but is hard to fall out and unlikely to come off. The 6" extended angle ring insulator can accommodate high tensile, coated wire, braid, rope, polywire, twine and wire electrical fencing.

- These insulators work great for keeping the horses off the fencing with a strand of electric and from coming in contact with our flex fence.