RAMM Pro Series Solarium (OBSOLETE)


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Solariums improve your horses' performance and conditioning. The heat energy penetrates the skin into the underlying muscle and helps stimulate blood circulation, improving muscle elasticity and recovery.

Compatibility: RAMM Pro Series Solarium Replacement Bulbs

RAMM Pro Series Solarium (OBSOLETE)
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• After the successful launch of the RAMM Pro Series solarium we have improved the aesthetics and specifications to meet the increasing demands of our clients.

• The RAMM Pro Series model is built to the highest specification with a heat resistant, colored ABS plastic reinforced body will not corrode or rust over time in a barn or grooming stall environment.

• The lamp positioning is designed to treat specific muscle groups.

• The front is raised to allow free movement of the horses neck and features rounded edges to help avoid possible injury.

• A combination of Infra-Red lamps of varying wattage and 4 high powered air circulators to ensure deep penetration to all muscle groups and an even and pleasant temperature over your horse.

• The lamps are mounted into rust proof rounded aluminium back boxes recessed to help make the unit safer for horse and handler.

• High power fans transfer possible heat loss back into the heat and light zone.

• All lamp fittings are manufactured from high quality ceramic, heat resistant plastic, maximizing longevity.

• All internal wiring is fire resistant to 230F/110°c.


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