Barn and Arena Lighting

  • Harris LED High Bay UFO

    SKU: HHUF*

    Harris LED High Bay UFO

    The Harris LED High Bay UFO light is ideal for harsh environments in agricultural, industrial, and manufacturing applications.

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  • Apollo Vaportight Narrow Body

    SKU: VTON*

    Apollo Vaportight Narrow Body

    Durable, versatile low bay and high bay fixture suitable for demanding environments that require a watertight seal such as food processing facilities, milking parlor, wash down applications, and cooler/freezer environments. With Lumen packages starting at 3,000 Lumens to 14,000 Lumens for Low Bay, and 15,000 to 20,000 Lumens for High Bay, this ligth can be used universally in your place no matter what the usage.

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  • Apollo Vaportight Wide Body

    SKU: VTOD*

    Apollo Vaportight Wide Body

    Durable and versatile fixture suitable for demanding environments that require a dust-proof fixture or watertight seal such as food-processing facilities, breweries, agricultural, wash down applications and cooler/freezer environments.

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  • ISON Area Light High Performance

    SKU: IAHP1*

    ISON Area Light High Performance

    The ISON IAHP1 industry leading lumen per watt performance maximizes energy savings and leads to the lowest total cost of ownership for exterior lighting.

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  • TRITONPRO LED Slimline Lumen Select Vaportight

    SKU: VTSS1

    TRITONPRO LED Slimline Lumen Select Vaportight

    Multi-purpose, cost-effective linear LED fixture. Ideal for replacing linear fixtures in demanding environments to prevent corrosion from water intrusion and damage from impact.

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  • Harris Area Light Lumen Select ALLP1

    SKU: ALLP1

    Harris Area Light Lumen Select ALLP1

    The ALLP1 provides multiple combinations of options to maximize labor and energy savings. The ALLP1 Area Light provides uniform distribution for area and site lighting in retail, commercial, and residential applications including driveways and parking areas. Two fixture knockouts for easy access to adjust wattage, CCT, and install sensors.

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The need for good quality horse barn and arena lighting is never made more apparent than during veterinary visits and winter’s dark days. Aside from the obvious purpose of illuminating the barn and stalls, lighting has many other uses that you may not realize. Non-agricultural lighting and bare incandescent bulbs simply don’t provide the quality of lighting needed to accurately assess a horse’s condition. Adequate lighting is one of those barn accessories that should never be placed on the back burner.

Lighting that isn’t meant for agricultural use, especially bare incandescent bulbs, can present several hazards for your horses. Barns are dusty places, filled with cobwebs and bits of hay. When these items accumulate on a bare incandescent bulb, the risk of fire is greatly elevated. Not only that, but bare incandescent bulbs provide no protection from direct contact with the bulb. Even a cage around the bulb won’t protect your horse if the bulb accidentally bursts or shatters.

What kind of equine lighting is appropriate for a horse barn? Horse barn lighting should not be industrial fans; they should be manufactured specifically for agricultural use. RAMM only carries lights designed specifically for agricultural use in the equine industry.

If you’d like to update your barn lighting, we welcome you to contact us at 1-800-434-8456. Friendly RAMM representatives are more than happy to help you plan your lighting fixtures and/or other RAMM products.