Horse Shelters and Run-In Sheds

***We no longer carry run-in sheds or shelters.***


The design and use of Horse Shelters and Run in Sheds should promote the health, well-being and good performance of horses throughout all stages of their lives. Natural or constructed shelter areas must offer adequate protection from adverse weather conditions.

Whether horses are out 24/7 or on daily turnout, shelter is important to protect your horses from the elements. Studies have shown that 100 square feet per horse is the optimal size for a run in shed. Most people decide a 10’ x 20’ three sided shed is good for 1-10 horses as most of the time only a couple of horses use the sheds at any one time.

Shelter areas should be located to avoid adverse effects of predictable natural occurrences, such as flooding, but if this should occur, our Run-In Sheds are ideal as they can be moved very easily. Pastures, paddocks and feed lots used during cold seasons must have adequate windbreaks to reduce the effects of wind chill.