Track and Ring Conditioner

 The track & ring conditioner offers a one-pass operation, adjustable harrowing height, and a two-way adjustable blade. The chiseled harrow tines break up packed footing in your horse arena, and then the blade floats over to smooth the surface simultaneously. RAMM recommends for the first use, that you travel in a figure-eight pattern to move material from the high spots to the low spots. This convenient unit is great for indoor or outdoor arena maintenance. The 6′ and 8′ ring conditioner can be pulled behind your 20HP tractor with a 3-point hitch. The pull-behind wheel kit conversion (6′ model only) is handy for use with a garden tractor, ATV, car, truck, or gator.

Your farm equipment must be top-notch in order for your farm to run smoothly. Machinery for horse arena maintenance is just as important as your horse stalls and fencing systems. It needs to be given great consideration. At RAMM, our equine products are field-tested at our own farm and passed inspection.

Track & Ring Conditioner Installation Instructions 


Track and Ring Conditioner Usage Guide

All the ideas below depend mostly on your particular footings. We will provide you with guidelines but after using the track & ring conditioner, you will develop the settings for optimal results for your specific arena.

  • VERY UNEVEN FOOTING: First Time Use (Sand of similar material) Remember to never adjust the tines so deep as to disturb the sub-base material. The penetration of the sub-base will cause it to mix with the top footing material. Adjust the tines 1′ to 2″ below the bottom level of the blade. Adjust the blade pitch to the 2nd setting (from the front). Having the blade at a 90° angle to the ground (or footing) will move the material. Angle the blade to move the footing from the edges of the ring or track. It may take a few passes to get the outside build-up from out of the edges. Make figure eights throughout the ring with irregular lines. This will move a larger amount of material into the lower spots and level out the high spots. To finish conditioning your area, rotate the blade to run parallel with the tines. Now travel from the outside of the ring making your way inward as you go.
  • REGULAR MAINTENANCE:  Set the blade pitch to about a 45° angle. This way the blade will move some material and make a firmer surface. The tines should be adjusted 2″ to 3″ below the level of the blade. By doing this, the tines will help to loosen and aerate the footing. Work from the outside walls to the inside. The use of the tines will depend on how deep your footing is or how hard your footing is. After using the track & ring conditioner, you will develop your own way to do proper maintenance in a fraction of the time. The track & ring conditioner will help to make safe, even footings for both horse and rider consistently.


Track & Ring Conditioner FAQs

Question: Why do I need a track & ring conditioner?
Answer: The track & ring conditioner does a two-step process in one step. Using chiseled harrow tines, it breaks up clumped and packed footings. The second step is performed simultaneously by the leveling blade which follows the tines and smoothes the surface of a neat and even footing.

Question: Why are these tines useful?
Answer: We use a special tine with a chisel point for an especially hard surface. The use of the tine is important not only for the breakup of hard material, but also helps to aerate the soil. The tines are fully adjustable because almost every arena and track are different. In addi­tion, the machine can be used for both arena and track with minimal changes to the machine itself.

Question: Is the blade adjustable?
Answer: The blade is fully adjustable by both pitch and angle. The angle adjustment allows the blade to be placed at an angle that allows the material to be pulled away from the wall to the arena or from the edge of the track. This adjustability makes for a very flexible and convenient tool. The pitch is fully adjustable from 90° vertical to 180° horizontal. Different angles allow the user to control the amount of material being moved. To move material at once or to fill in sunken areas, a steeper angle is recommended. A lesser angle is recommended for general maintenance.

Question: Is the track & ring conditioner easy to mount on my trac­tor?
Answer: The track & ring conditioner has been designed to fit any Class-1 or 3-Point hitch tractor.

Question: How is the track & ring conditioner shipped?
Answer: The track & ring conditioner is shipped crated and boxed. Easy-to-follow instructions and a complete hardware package allow anyone to assemble it in less than an hour.

Question: My arena is really uneven, will the track & ring conditioner help?
Answer: Yes, the first couple of times you use the track & ring conditioner, you will have to travel in a figure-eight pattern to move the material from the high spots into all of the low spots. Initially, if the surface is really bad it may take a while. However, if done on a regular schedule your maintenance time will be cut in half.