Solar Charger - Adaptor Power Kit (OBSOLETE)


The solar power adapter converts battery operated electric horse fence chargers into solar powered units. This unit can be used with the Nomad and the Plainsman battery operated fence chargers.

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Solar Charger - Adaptor Power Kit (OBSOLETE)
Item Description

The Solar Power Kit converts the Nomad and Plainsman into solar fence chargers. The powerful 11 watt solar panel is big enough to keep up with the high output of the Plainsman, insuring that the 12 volt battery is always charged even on rainy or cloudy days. It is fixed with an output regulator that prevents the battery from becoming over charged and back flow circuitry to prevent the battery power from draining back into the panel at night. The kit includes a post mounting bracket that holds the panel at a 45 degree angle on a wood or tee-post. The solar panel should be mounted on the post to face South and slightly West to maximize sun exposure in the morning and throughout the winter months.

*Note: To determine what charger to use for 4 strands of electric fence take the length x width = square footage. The square footage divided by 43,560 = the # of acres you have. Acre listing is given for each charger. Just pick the correct charger for your number of acres.