Electric Polywire

Pro-Tek Electric Polywire Fence is designed as an economical, temporary electric horse fencing solution. It works great if you need a short-term pasture while building new pastures or renovating current ones. Perhaps you recently purchased land and need a place for your horses to graze while you measure and decide on your permanent horse fencing. Or, maybe your current property has fencing that is in poor shape and needs to be replaced. Consider using Electric Polywire Fence to provide turnout while choose the permanent electric fence for your horse’s needs.

Electric Polywire is also great for temporary cross fencing. If you need to separate horses during turnout, or just create a separate area, this economical system will allow you to set up cross fencing that can be taken down when you no longer need it. The best part is, you can reuse this electric horse fencing later!


These electric horse fences are also useful for rotational grazing. Simply add a few rails of Electric Polywire Fence to either section off a spot that needs to rest, or keep your horses in a spot that is ready for grazing.

Electric Polywire Fence is a safer alternative to bare electric wire and as mentioned, it is great for temporary fencing or grazing management. It is easier to install as it uses hand-tensioning. It is economical and features Ultra-Violet (UV) protection. Available in rolls of 660’ or 1,320 ‘, Pro-Tek Electric Polywire Fence is only available in white. Call for quantity pricing or to talk with your RAMM representative today about how we can help with your horse fencing project at 1.800.434.8456.