Pro-Tek Electric Rope

Electric fence can be a useful tool for teaching horses to respect their boundaries, and our Pro-Tek Electric Rope can help with this. Like a kick or nip from the dominant horse in the herd, electric fence signals ''stay away.'' Horses feel the ''bite'' and learn to stay away from fence lines, which helps cut down on wear-and-tear to your electric fencing system.

Horse owners know the benefits that electric fence offers. However, bare electric wire has several shortcomings when used with horses. Our Pro-Tek Electric Rope is a great alternative, and it combines the strength and economy of bare wire, but in a safer form.


Pro-Tek Electric Rope has 350 lbs. of break strength per rail and is longer lasting than many traditional types of horse fencing. It is better functioning since it uses stainless steel wires for greater conductivity. It’s easy to install with its hand tensioning; economical, and very versatile, as it can be a great combination rail. Pro-Tek Electric Rope is available in 660’ rolls and in white only. This rope features a 12-year Limited Manufacturers Warranty and is one of our top sellers! Quantity pricing is available, too!

To place an order for Pro-Tek Electric Rope fencing, or to talk to our representatives about your situation and to see if we can help you determine if electric rope is the right horse fence for you --call your RAMM representative at  1-800-434-8456.