Pro-Tek Electric Rope Horse Fence - Bundle of 8 656' Rolls


Pro-Tek electric rope comes in 656' rolls and can either be used as a permanent or temporary horse fencing system. It's easy to install, has maximum UV protection, and great visibility! *Only available at RAMM.

Pro-Tek Rope Accessories
Posts Compatibility: Wood, T-Posts, PVC, & Fiberglass

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Pro-Tek Electric Rope Horse Fence - Bundle of 8 656' Rolls
Item Description

Pro-Tek electric rope is RAMM's most affordable electric horse fencing system. It comes in 656' rolls and is very easy to install! With maximum UV protection and great visibility, Pro-Tek electric rope can be used as either a permanent or a temporary horse fencing system for rotational grazing, separating paddocks, and many other purposes. Pro-Tek electric rope is backed by a 12-year warranty. *Only available at RAMM. For more photos and ideas, we welcome you to visit our Pro-Tek Rope Pinterest board section.

An electric fence can be a useful tool for teaching horses to respect their boundaries and RAMM's exclusive Pro-Tek electric rope can help you achieve this. The electric current running through the rope signals ”stay away” to horses, much like a kick or nip from the dominant horse in the herd. Horses feel the ”bite” and learn to stay away from fence lines. This will help slow down the wear-and-tear on your electric fencing system, providing you with more years of protection and containment!


Installation Tips

  • Tensioning: You can tension the Pro-Tek electric rope horse fencing system with wire tighteners or with the ElectroBraid™ tension kit (yes, it's compatible).
  • Splicing: Running two ends of Pro-Tek electric rope through the electric rope splice will connect the two rail ends together.
  • Connection: To run the electric current to your Pro-Tek electric rope, you will need to run your burial wire and Pro-Tek electric rope rail through an electric rope splice.

    *Note: Pro-Tek electric rope is a stainless steel-based fence system and is not compatible with copper-based products. If you need to connect a copper wire or ElectroBraid™ to a Pro-Tek rail, you will need to use a neutral plate connector.