Electric Twine

Electric Twine is great for temporary cross fencing and helps you to get more out of your pastures. If you need to separate horses during turnout, or just create a separate area. This economical horse fencing system will allow you to set up cross fencing that can be taken down when you no longer need it. The best part is, you can reuse this electric twine fencing later!

Electric Twine is designed as a temporary horse fencing solution and it works great if you need a short-term pasture while building new pastures or renovating current ones. Consider using Electric Twine to provide turnout while you remove the unsafe fence. Since this is a temporary solution for horse fences, no bracing or concrete are needed. Several post options are available; however, t-posts and step-in posts are most convenient for temporary applications. Installation is easy, and hand tension keeps these fencing systems looking good.


Camping is another time when this horse fence comes in handy; it allows you to set up a temporary corral for your horses. Make your own camping corral with Electric Twine, step-in posts, charger and electric fence accessories. Your kit will also be useful for horse shows, hunting trials, trail rides and more.

Electric Twine is Ultra-Violet (UV) protected and is 1/8” wide, woven with nine, two-millimeter stainless steel wires and polyethylene fibers. It comes in rolls of 1,320 feet and has a break strength of 220 pounds per strand. White only. Our Electric Twine horse fencing carries a 5-year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty. Call 1-800-434-8456 for more information and pricing!