Shock Tape

The Pro-Tek 1.5 inch Shock Tape horse fence provides improved visibility in all weather conditions and has a white with black cord at the top and bottom of the rail. This electric fence is a polytape that is very economical and it features 500 lbs. of break strength per rail. The color won’t fade with its Ultra- Violet (UV) protection and installation is easier with hand-tensioning. 1.5” Shock Tape also features a 5-Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty. Available in white only, rolls come in 660’ length.


Important Reminders for use with Electric Fence and Temporary Electric Fencing:

(1) The safest way to use any horse fencing systems is to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and installation instructions. Electric fence systems should be kept on at all times.

(2) Temporary electric fencing has lower break strengths than permanent fencing, another important reason to keep the electric on at all times. Your horses can sense when the electric is off causing them to lose respect for the fence.

(3) Temporary fencing is not appropriate as perimeter fencing. Please use these products for temporary situations, as intended.

(4) All of our electric fence systems are designed for use with low-impedance fence chargers.

(5) Keep weeds, grass, sticks and debris clear of electric fence lines.

If you think this economical horse fence will meet your needs, discuss it with one of our representatives today. They can help you select the fence accessories you need to set up this polytape fence properly, they can recommend other equine products, and they can walk you through every step of your project. Call RAMM for more details at 1.800.434.8456.