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RAMM's gate anchor is like having an extra pair of hands when you need them most. This gate anchor keeps gates in place while you move horses, cattle, or equipment through the gate opening, all while preventing the gate from sagging.

Gate Anchor
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Easily hold your fence gate in any desired position you want with our gate anchor. This simple to use gate anchor only requires pressure applied to the pressure plate for the rod to move smoothly up and down. The gate anchor is by far the most useful tool in the gate latch family; keeping your fence gate aligned and tracking properly. RAMM's gate anchor is versatile and easy to install; it comes with all the necessary mounting hardware for easy installation.

*The gate anchor also has the ability to be mounted horizontally, so it can be used as a slide latch.

- "Still using this years later. Nothing has broken on it. Thanks for quality products." - Jess, IL