Mud Management by RAMM (Box of 2)


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Mud Management by RAMM quickly and effectively solves your mud problems. The innovative design prevents mud and erosion from high-traffic areas or inclement weather – suitable for any situation.

Mud Management by RAMM (Box of 2)
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Do you have unwanted mud on your property?

Having mud on your property is a risk and in the long run, will cost you money – from vet bills to maintenance. Mud management by RAMM is a cellular confinement system that limits the displacement of gravel from the downward action of horses' hooves and any other erosive forces caused by extreme weather. They work well in many different environments, whether it be agricultural (from high-end professional facilities to a modest home ranch), commercial, industrial, or recreational. If you have horses on your property, all of the deep mud in high-traffic pathways and gated entryways can be eliminated and forgotten. 

RAMM's flexible high-density polyethylene (HDPE) panels are environmentally-friendly, cover 85 square feet, and confine gravel in a series of 3" deep interconnecting cells. Because the interconnecting cells are not made of hard plastic, they conform to uneven/oddly shaped areas and to sub-base land grades. This allows you to work with existing terrain or to the crown or slope areas for better drainage, thus reducing the time and money spent on sub-grade preparation. There's no need to excavate or create a compacted gravel layer underneath. You can install it on steep slopes, around trees, over roots, through shallow ditches, on lumpy ground, and even over any existing muddy ground!

Set it, fill it, forget it!


Installation Tips

Mud management panels should be filled with a mix of crushed stone; providing superior stabilization to the paddock footing. The mix should be somewhere between 30-50% fines or screenings to 50%-70% ½” crushed stone. *Recommendation: A good mix is 30% #10 Screenings and 70% #8 stone. 

For the landscape fabric, you will need 1-2 yards per panel but having 2+ yards of fabric per panel allows space for any additional maintenance that may be needed. They are typically sold as 3x100 or 4x100 rolls.


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