Pegasus Charger (OBSOLETE)


The Pegasus fence charger is ideally suited for portable horse fencing, featuring dual operation. It can operate on either 4 D Cell internal batteries or 12 V DC external battery source. Automatically switches to internal power when external fails.

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Pegasus Charger (OBSOLETE)
Item Description

Low Impedance Fence Charger

Dual operation 12 V DV External and 4 D Cell Internal Batteries

Powers 2 acres of 4 strand polytape, 3 miles of wire fencing or 200 feet of electric netting

Coated Wire, it can cover 2-5 miles

Underwriters Laboratory (UL) approved

2 Year "Exchange For New" warranty with return freight paid

2 Surge protection devices 1) a simple fuse and 2) a metal oxide varistor or MOV that clamps voltage surges from entering the unit

Input 12 V DC (Deep cycle battery) or 4 D Cell Batteries, Operates for 26 weeks on 12 V DC power and 4 weeks on internal 4 D Cell batteries

0.04 Stored Joules

6,400 Volts Open Line, 760 Volts @ 500 Ohms

Features: Metal stand for stability and ground for short fence runs, impact resistant polycarbonate case, and replaceable circuit board.

Includes: Fence charger (batteries sold separate)

Installation: Basic electric tools

Shipping: This item ships via UPS.

Note: To determine what charger to use for 4 strands of electric fence take the length x width = square footage. The square footage divided by 43, 560 = the # of acres you have. Acre listing is given for each charger. Just pick the correct charger for your number of acres.