Gates and Latches

Horse gates are an integral part of any fence system; wherever there's an entrance/exit, a gate exists. On this page, you can shop through an assortment of affordable, field-tested horse gates and latches to complete your project.

Gate Hardware:

  • 2" Gate Hinge Hardware Kit – The 2" gate hinge hardware kit includes the upper & lower hinges and the mounting hardware to secure your gate to your end post.

  • Gate Anchor – Easily hold your fence gate in any desired position you want with a gate anchor. This simple to use gate anchor only requires pressure applied to the pressure plate for the rod to move smoothly up and down. The gate anchor is by far the most useful tool in the gate latch family; keeping your fence gate aligned and tracking properly.

  • Gate Wheel – This heavy-duty gate wheel helps reduce the stress on your posts and hinges by taking some of the pressure onto the gate wheel itself. Constructed of galvanized steel and a rubber wheel, it prevents your gate from sagging over time. Open your fence gates smoothly, with little effort!

  • 2-Way Locking Latch – This latch allows the gate to swing in either direction when the latch is released and can easily be operated with one hand. This two-way lockable gate latch is easy to install and is an awesome convenience for your gate! This gate latch prevents your fence gates from swinging and sagging.

  • 1-Way Locking Latch – This one-way locking latch secures your paddocks to keep your horses safe and enclosed. These latches come with rounded edges and only swing out in one direction. They can be mounted low for children to operate or they can be mounted near the top, so you can operate them from horseback or while riding on farming equipment.

  • Gate Latch Bolt Kit – This kit includes what you need to make sure your locking gate latches stay in place and are properly secured.

  • Quick Chain Latch – Quick chain latches are constructed of heavy-duty galvanized steel with a 14" long welded chain. They open easily with one hand, whether you're on horseback or off.

  • Swing Gate Latch Kit – The swing-out gate latch is made out of galvanized steel and features a spring-loaded locking ring to keep your horse swing gate closed. It wraps around the swing gate frame and attaches back onto itself.

  • Swing Gate Hinge Kit – This horse stall swing gate hinge kit attaches half or full swing gates to wooden or metal support posts. The drop-in pins allow easy installation and removal of the gate. It can be operated with one hand.


Electric Gates:

  • Electric Bungee Gate Kit – This electric bungee gate kit is compatible with gate openings up to 20' in length and can be used with either wood or t-posts. It is safe for horses and all livestock and is designed to never touch the ground when the gate is open.

  • ElectroBraid™ Gate Kit – The ElectroBraid™ spring handle gate kit is a complete set of components for a safe 15'-20' electric horse gate. These gate handles are a great, cost-effective solution. It provides instant, easy access in or out of paddocks.

  • Electric Tape Gate Kit – The electric gate kit comes with everything you need and is compatible with RAMM's 1.5" Pro-Tek electric tape. The electric tape gate handle used in this kit is available to be purchased individually as well.


Galvanized Tube Gates: Heavy-duty farm-grade horse gates are available in 6’, 10’, 12’, and 16’ lengths in either a powder-coated paint or galvanized finish. All gates are 4" shorter than listed to allow for gate hardware and proper clearance. RAMM's gates are hot-dip galvanized after fabrication to cover every bit of the gate (inside-and-out) with a thick coat of corrosion-resistant zinc, which physically bonds to the steel for unequaled protection against wear and weathering. This makes the gates tough, durable, and long-lasting. These gates cannot be shipped and are available for pick-up only at our location in Swanton, Ohio.


RAMM Tip: Consider using stone screenings or RAMM mud management panels where your most used gates are located. For turnouts in inclement weather, your ground will be more firm as opposed to muddy.

If you have installation or planning questions, we encourage you to call us at 1-800-434-6296 to speak with a friendly RAMM account manager. You may also visit our Horse Fence FAQs page for the most common questions we have regarding horse fence installations.