1 3/4 Inch Gate Hinge Hardware Kit (OBSOLETE)

SKU: 2181

This inch j-bolt hook and hinge kit features the ability to bolt directly onto the round tube gate. These 1 ¾ inch heavy hinges are some of the strongest gate hinges we carry. Both the hook and the hinge feature a galvanized finish to resist corrosion.

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1 3/4 Inch Gate Hinge Hardware Kit (OBSOLETE)
Item Description

This gate hinge hardware kit is for 1 5/8 and 1 ¾ inch medium duty livestock gates. These gate hinges are to be used with round tube gates only, because the pintle side of the hinge clamps around the round tubing for a safe secure fit. It is then held in place with a threaded bolt and nut. Bolts, nuts and washers are all included in the kit to attach the brackets to the gatepost. J-bolts can be attached to both wooden round and square fence end posts. This kit includes two hinges, which will successfully hold a lighter gate. Heavier farm gates may require more than two hinges to help support the weight of the gate. Please see the manufacturer’s recommendations on the livestock fence gate when it is purchased. Or give us a call with your questions, we are happy to help.