Horserail® Coated Wire Tightener


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The Horserail® coated wire fence tensioner splices two rails of coated wire together and also tensions the fence all at the same time. This tensioner is very easy to use and installs quickly. It's equine safe with smooth edges.

Compatibility: Raceline & Shockline

Horserail® Coated Wire Tightener
Item Description

The Horserail® coated wire tightener is very easy to use and stays in place once it is ratcheted in place. It stays in place with two metal pins and has multiple adjustment holes if your fence ever needs to be re-tightened. Splices 5/16" coated wire together effortlessly. Requires a 1/2" drive ratchet handle to be able to install and tighten the fence rail. This coated wire tensioner works with our Raceline Flex Fence® coated wire and the Shockline Flex Fence® electric coated wire.

- Very easy to install.

- We found this piece simple and easy to install our rope fencing with. Thanks