Raceline Flex Fence® Coated Wire

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The 1320' roll of Raceline Flex Fence® coated wire is an excellent solution for a combination horse fencing system. Raceline goes great with both our 5" and 4" Flex Fence® to safely contain your horses.

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Raceline Flex Fence® Coated Wire
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Raceline Flex Fence® coated wire comes in 1320' rolls and is constructed of a class-3 12.5-gauge high-tensile wire. Raceline's patented polymer prevents splintering and breaking problems and is the easiest Flex Fence® installation on the market with our new end loop post attachment. The polymer material also contains maximum color & UV inhibitors [polymer absorbs] and it's mildew resistant formula makes Flex Fence® the future standard for horse farms. 

Warranty: Our Raceline Flex Fence® coated wire has a 30-Year LTD Warranty against any cracking peeling, chipping, discoloration, manufacturer's defect, or UV weathering. It does not cover abuse or misuse; we recommend using the manufacturer's installation instructions. 

Shipping: This product ***CANNOT SHIP USPS - online shipping quotes at checkout with USPS are not valid***. When ordering more than a couple of rolls, this item ships on a semi-truck via an LTL freight carrier. Please contact one of our expert account managers at 800-434-6296 for a shipping quote or a free custom fencing layout! For more information on how this type of delivery works and what we need you to do upon arrival, please read through these two links:

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- "Raceline looks great, works great, and is economical. Plus it's the only fencing I've ever had that the deer don't break or pull down...Bonus!!! I will definitely be putting up more in the future."

- "This is perfect if you don't want electric, but still want to keep your horses contained safely. I recommend this to everyone!"

- "We re-did the fences on our farm here in CT with the Raceline coated wire/Shockline electric coated wire combination. It is so affordable and looks so great. It stands up to our winters with ease and doesnt sag in the snow or ice. We have had trees come down on the fence and the post broke not the fence line!"

- "We have used the coated wire for the past 7 years and is by far the easiest, safest fence on the property. We have one pasture in vinyl and one in the wood board, the vinyl looks great until it molds or breaks and you have to replace it, wood breaks and you have to replace it. We have not yet had to replace any of the coated wire from Ramm. I have had 100-year-old trees fall on the fence and it just need to be tightened after we took the tree off. The best part of the coated wire is I have not had a break yet. I feel so safe and secure when my horses are in the wire pastures. Even if one strand is loose the other hold the horses in. In one instance I had a tensioner come off the fence but the other four strands were there. I cannot imagine a scenario where this fence would break enough to let your horses escape. This is my fence of choice now and in the future. And for the price, you can't go wrong."

- "I purchased several rolls of the Raceline Coated Wire from a friend about 5 years ago. Even though the fence had been up for a couple of years already, it still installed very easy and is still holding strong on my farm. I have since purchased more new fence from RAMM. I give this product a BIG Thumbs Up!"