RedBrand Non-Climb Wire Mesh Fence

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RedBrand non-climb wire mesh fencing is constructed from class-3 galvanization and has a closely-woven pattern and knot structure that prevents buckling and sagging.

RedBrand Non-Climb Wire Mesh Fence
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Red Brand Non-Climb Mesh fence helps to keep predators out while keeping your horses and livestock contained. The Wire mesh fence is much more effective than traditional high tensile wire and board fencing systems. The closely spaced woven design helps prevent horses from “stepping through” or “walking down” the fence. The special knot design of the Non-Climb Mesh helps prevent damage to your horse’s skin while making these horse fences more rigid to withstand most animal impact while protecting against abrasions. *For more photos and ideas, we welcome you to visit our Wire Mesh Fence Pinterest board section.


  • Industry-leading strength and durability provide years of trouble-free dependability.
  • Square Deal® Knot prevents Red Brand wire mesh fence from buckling or sagging. It also provides extra strength, rigidity, and flexibility - ideal installation over hilly terrain. The smooth side of the knot protects animals from injury.
  • 2"x4" mesh spacing prevents stepping through.
  • Class-3 Galvanization - quality galvanized wire, with durable zinc coating resists weathering, as well as wear-and-tear.
  • Strong mesh design minimizes the potential for injury by flexing on impact.

- Just as advertised! Class 3 zinc coating unlike the cheap stuff you find at the local hardware store.