Wide Barbed Staple Starter


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This tool helps drive 2.5" extra-wide barbed staples over your coated wire fencing while preventing the staples from mushrooming when driving into harder wood posts. Save your fingers; they will thank you!

Compatibility: 2" Extra Wide Staples

Wide Barbed Staple Starter
Item Description

Save your fingers from having to hold each staple with a barbed staple starter. This tool prevents staples from mushrooming when driving into harder wood posts. 

It's very simple to use; just insert the staple into the slot and hammer on the other flat end to set the staple to a proper depth. We suggest using the staple starter to start the staple into the post and finish driving the staple into the post with a hammer. *If you push the staple starter into a post when driving a staple, the head of the staple starter can break. 

Do not staple your coated wire fencing tight onto the line posts. Use this starter with the 2.5" extra-wide staples.


*Note: This item does not work with regular 1.5" or 2" barbed staples; they float in the starter.

- "Great tool for pounding in staples!"