Custom Horse Stalls

Unique and truly individualized custom horse stalls are made to your specific dimensions and specifications! Have exactly what you want, how you want it. With your custom horse stalls and our craftsmanship, you can be sure you will turn your barn or equine facility into an elegant showplace.


Working with RAMM

Tell us what your ideas are and what you are thinking, and we will have our in-house custom horse stall designer work with you one-on-one to architecturally draw you your very own, unique design. Choose your finish and color, as well as customize with elegant finials that truly set your stalls above the rest. 

Appointments can be set up to discuss the process from the beginning drawing stages to the end – then our Ohio craftsmen use their skilled detail to manufacture your one-of-a-kind horse stall! To finish your beautiful barn, we can talk to you about your flooring, as well as inside and outside stall accessories to make your time with your horse easy and convenient. We look forward to discussing the many options you have to choose from to help you build the barn of your dreams! 

We have customers tell us all the time how they do not want to leave their barns because their stalls are so beautiful! The memorable impressions of their custom stalls and barns leave with anyone who visits are long-lasting. You can view some of our customers' custom horse stall projects on Pinterest.

Choosing a one-of-a-kind custom horse stall for your barn is all about the look and functionality you want for your barn and horses. 



At RAMM, we understand that shopping for custom horse stalls can be a complex process. With so many options available, it's natural to have questions about the size, materials, features, pricing, installation, maintenance, and warranty of your custom horse stall. To help you make an informed decision, we've put together a list of frequently asked questions that our customers often ask when shopping for custom horse stalls.


  • Size & Layout: What size should the stall be? What layout would work best for my horse(s)?

  • Materials: What materials should the stall be made of? What are the benefits of each material option?

  • Features: What features are available for custom horse stalls? What features would work best for my horse(s)?

  • Price: What is the cost of a custom horse stall? How does the price vary based on size, materials, and features?

  • Installation: Who will install the custom horse stall? How long will installation take?

  • Maintenance: How do I maintain the custom horse stall? What type of maintenance is required?

  • Warranty: Does the custom horse stall come with a warranty? What does the warranty cover?


It's always a good idea to ask these questions before making a purchase. With safety as the first priority for your horse, you will have the peace-of-mind every time you leave your barn. We welcome you to contact us at 1-800-434-8456 to speak with a friendly RAMM about planning your dream stalls today!

Want to learn more about the horse stall purchasing process? We encourage you to read What to Expect When Buying Horse Stalls by Debbie Disbrow.